Portfolio Management Services

[Customized Wealth Management]

What is PMS?

Portfolio Management Services is a customized wealth management services that suits with the specific objective of High Net Worth Investor (HNI). All the aspects of making and monitoring investment right from evaluation of options, stock-picking, order execution, settlement and performance monitoring and reporting are taken care by our Value Addition Team.

The investment is done as per objective of the scheme under overall guidance of the investment committee. Portfolio Manager has ultimate control over all the investment decisions.

Why PMS?

Investing is a full-time activity that entails timely flow of information, and requires thorough understanding and sharp execution skills. It's quite natural to want to grow one's money. But the process for achieving this simple goal is actually rather intricate, and requires experience and expertise. Preserving and growing capital is as difficult as earning it.

Our Consistent Performance

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Available Plans

Concept Legend
(Large-Cap Equity)

Concept Marvel
(Mid-Cap Equity)

Concept Dignity

Concept Shariah
(Shariah Compliant Equity)

Why PMS through Concept?

Promoters With Rich And Varied Experience in Various Domains
Qualified And Experienced Fund Management Team
In-House Value Addition And Comprehensive Research
Regular Investment Committee Meetings
Well Equipped And Connected Offices
Fair And Ethical Practices
Web-Enabled Back-Office
Electronic Contract Note

Concept Wealth Plus (PMS) Performance



*Returns as on 31st October, 2020 and are post expenses.

*Past performance may or may not be sustained in future.

Investment Philosophy of Concept

There can be different PMS philosophy in PMS. It is usually long-term advantage, bottom up approach. There is always consideration for under-valued businesses with high return prospects available at low P/E. Stock picking is made after proper reference to fundamentals. All investment decisions are vetted by expert Investment Committee which has rich and diverse experience in various domains of investment. There is no sector or size specific bias. Prospects of a company are the single most important driving force behind investing decisions.

There would be a cap on maximum number of stocks which can be held in a fund. Single scrip allocation would not exceed certain percentage. Also, sector allocation shall also have some cap.

Salient Features of PMS

Customized &
Diversified Portfolio
Active Review and
Personalized Client
Regular reporting &
Back office support


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