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Investing in Indian Capital Market is an attractive proposition as Indian Economy is doing well and it is the Second fastest growing economy in the world. There are Positives like demography which should help India delivering good returns on investment. Debt investment is also giving good return. Investors should allocate one part of their worth for Investment in India.


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Investors from out of India can invest in Indian Capital Market under 2 categories:

  • Foreign Portfolio Investors - FPI:
    Foreign Portfolio Investors are the Fund, Corporates, and Non-NRI Individuals registered with SEBI.
  • Non-Resident Indian - NRI:
    Non-Resident Indians are the individuals with Indian Passport staying out of India and individuals with other citizenships but hailing from India.
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Why should NRI Invest in India?

Investment in India should form one big part of your portfolio.
There are 3 reasons to justify why you should invest in India?

  • India is the 2nd fastest growing economy in the world. It is graduating from a developing economy to the developed economy fast. India is growing @8-9% p.a. and should be ‘A DEVELOPED NATION’ by 2020. Prospects for good return from investment in Indian Capital Market are very high.
  • Indian Rupee is appreciating and likely to appreciate further in relation global currencies. On account higher rate of growth of India Economy, Rupee is likely to strengthen further vis-à-vis US$ and other currencies. This appreciation would add to your normal return explained above.
  • Tax rates are low in India. Long Term Capital Gain Tax is zero, and short Term Capital Gain Tax is just 15%. This is quite low compare to 30-40% tax-rate prevailing abroad.
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Investment Process

CONCEPT provides comprehensive services to NRIs at all 3 stages of investment;
Pre-Investment, Investment and Post-Investment.
We have Foreign Investor Relation Center to take care of our esteemed clients out of India.


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