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January 26, 2019.


Re: a) 25th Silver Jubilee Year    b) Value Addition is the key to the Creation of Wealth


Dear Investors,


Greetings from Team CONCEPT on 25th Silver Jubilee Year.


We had commenced our business on this Republic Day in the year 1995. We have completed 24 years and are entering 25th Silver Jubilee Year. We have also completed 1 year in our New Office.


During this period of over two decades, we have continuously endeavored to give value added investment services. Our objective has been to focus on INVESTORS, understand their investment needs, provide them relevant information, and help them in taking investment decisions and monitoring of investment well. We offer complete range of investment services covering equities, derivatives, debt, mutual fund, portfolio management etc. for investment in Indian Capital Market. We are member of BSE,NSE, MCX and DP of CDSL.


`25’ is an important mile-stone. We want to make it memorable by bringing more values during the year and help you create wealth better. We shall bring up numbers of good programmes to update your knowledge and crystallize the process of investment well.


Role of ADVISORY has become all important in identifying the right investment option and monitoring of such investment well. For this our INVESTWELL Advisory aims to understand investors, their risk profile, preferences and future needs and do Investment Planning based on these observations. We have geared up ourselves to play this role very well.


In course of the 24 years, Capital Market has been completely transformed. It is very well structured and regulated. Investing is interesting, easy, smooth and fast.


We have very interesting and rewarding time ahead. Indian Economy has developed very good strength and is poised to witness fast growth in next decade. When this economy becomes the 3rd largest in the world over next decade, it would create ample opportunities to earn and create wealth during next 10 years. Political outcomes, whether NDA wins next election or not; do not affect much in long run.


We are thankful to our valued clients, associates, well-wishers for supporting us over 24 years.


Happy investing through CONCEPT.


Yours truly,
Hemant Desai
[ Chairman ]

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