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October 05, 2019.


Re: 1) Investwell Advisory 2) New PMS Plan DYNAMIC using Artificial Intelligence.


Dear Investors,


Greetings on this festival of Navratri and Dashera.


We had organized our annual signature programme on `Creation of Wealth’ on Sunday, the 22nd September 2019. We hope that you would have attended it and gained benefits. If you could not, we are available for one to one discussion on your investment needs.


  1. Investwell Advisory’


We had one presentation on a) need for investment advisory b) advisory process and c) benefits of advisory. Investment is an Art as well as Science. It is not one time decision. It is a continuous process. There are numbers of options for investment. Those options need to be understood in terms of suitability. You have your needs of funds in future. All these needs are required to be synchronized through professional advisory. CONCPET Investwell Advisory is the answer.


  1. New PMS Plan `Dynamic’


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a new buzz word. Is AI really useful? Can it be applied in different fields for better results? Answers are affirmative. AI is positively changing life in every field.


Why should we not consider application in field of Capital Market? Yes, we have considered. We have collaborated with one US Company to bring AI in fund management. We have back-tested it and have found that it can be greatly beneficial. The complex factors demanding attention and its impact cannot be considered so well by humans. AI can factor in all these and come up with outputs that can help us well in fund management.


We have introduced New Plan `Dynamic’ in our Portfolio Management Service. It is a fusion of Human Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence. Selection of stocks is based on fundamental parameters provided by our Research Team. Review and Restructuring is done with the help of Artificial Intelligence. It can give superior returns to the benchmark index.


We hereby suggest investing in our `Dynamic’ Plan and get advantages of AI. This plan would be more suitable to equity investors with the medium term horizon of investment. Our normal two equity PMS plans Legend and Marvel are continued. Long term Investors should invest in these plans.


India is US $ 2.7 trillion economy. It is going to be US $ 5 trillion economy in next few years. Where will new US $ 2.30 trillion come from? This new GDP of US $ 2.3 trillion will mainly come from New Economy. Investing in this New Economy can be an interesting proposition. For example, investment in start ups. In a recent TIE event, few start ups were showcased as opportunities for investment. There are high risk, high gain investments. We need to understand them and evaluate. We can make such investments in startups via AIF (Alternate Investment Fund) route also.


Our role is to bring such opportunities in forefront. We are playing this role well. We have formed a new group under `Connect CONCEPT’. We are bringing good investment opportunities to your notice through this networking. Please connect with us for all types of investment opportunities.


We have started concept of `Comprehensive Investment Guidance’ in our `DIALOGUES with CONCEPTIANS’. We are organizing meeting of Investors (All the decision makers in family) with our Team CONCEPT to give overview of horizons of investment and explain relevance to you so that you can take well considered decisions of investment from time to time. This exercise would be a great help to you. Please connect to Jenish/Bhavesh/Sainil to set your appointment.


Diwali is just few weeks away. We shall have Muhurat Trading Session on Sunday, the 27th October 2019 (Diwali Day) in the evening as usual. We shall send you complete details. Please participate in Muhurat Trading. Years after years; our team has been giving excellent Stock Picks for Muhurat buy. This year too, we shall be ready with our recommendations.


Happy investing through CONCEPT.


Yours truly,

Hemant Desai
[ Chairman ]

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