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Account Opening

Who are eligible to open Trading account?

Any Individual, HUF (Hindu Undivided Family), Proprietary firm, Partnership firm or a Corporate can open trading account with us inorder to execute their deals on BSE,NSE,MCX exchanges.

How to open an Trading Account with you?

It is very simple! Just choose from below mentioned options to contact us
- Visit our website www.conceptsecurities.com and click on Request a Callback and fill up necessary details.
- Email us at bhargavm@concept-india.com
- Call us on +91-261-6676636.

What are the documents required to open an account with Concept?

To open an account, following documents are required to be submitted along with filled up client registration form:
For Individuals
A. Two passport size photographs.
B. Photocopy of PAN card (Photocopy should be clearly visible).
C. Proof of Identity a) Passport; b) PAN; c) Voter ID; d) Driving License;
D. Proof of Address
- Voter ID
- Driving License
- Passport
- Ration Card
- Photocopy of Bank Passbook/Bank Statement (Attested by Bank)
- Latest Telephone (landline)/Electricity/Water Bill (Not older than two months)
- Notarized copy of Lease-License agreement / Sale Deed
- Identity Card, with address, issued by Central/State Govt. & its departments, Statutory/Regulatory Authorities, Public Sector Undertakings, Scheduled Commercial Banks, Public Financial Institutions, Professional Bodies such as ICAI, ICWAI, Bar Council etc. to their members & Colleges affiliated to Universities.
E. Bank Account Proof
- Photocopy of Cheque / Cancelled Cheque (Compulsory in case of MICR).
- Copy of latest Bank Statement / Passbook, clearly mentioning Bank Account Number, Branch Name & Client Name (Not older than six months).
- Letter from banker certifying account number & the period from which the account is operational.

1) All documents & annexures as per "Individual".
2) Photograph of Karta signed across the photograph.
3) Proof of Identity & Address of Karta.
4) Photocopy of PAN card of Karta & HUF.
5) HUF stamp should be affixed wherever the client signatures are on the agreement.
6) HUF declaration duly stamped & signed by Karta & two concerns clearly mentioning the name, relation & date of birth of the family members.

For Proprietorship Firm
1) All documents & annexure as per "Individual".
2) Latest photograph signed by proprietor.
3) Proof of Identity & address of proprietor.
4) Photocopy of latest Income Tax return filed.
5) Proprietorship firms stamp should be affixed wherever the proprietor signs on the agreement.
6) Declaration of the firm as per "annexure" mentioned in the form.
7) Certification from the bank stating that the account is in the name of the proprietorship firm and the name of the proprietor on the bank letter head.

How long does it take to open an trading account?

It takes normally 2-3 working days to open an account provided documents submitted are in order.

Instant Account Opening:
We are having facility of same day account opening just you have to pay a nominal fee and you account will be opened in just 24 hours.

How many exchanges can I trade on?

We have membership of BSE,NSE,MCX so you can trade on BSE,NSE-Cash and FNO and MCX segments through us.

Can I transfer funds online?

Yes, you can transfer funds online. Concept has payment gateway with Axis bank and other 40 Banks. Through payment gateway, you can instantly update buying limit in your trading account

Can I submit Cheque if I do not have online banking facility or if my net banking is not working?

Yes, you can submit a Cheque to make pament for your purchase of shares.

What is Delivery Based Trading?

Delivery Trading is basically delivery based trading wherein 100 percent Funds / Shares are blocked at the time of placement of the order. i.e. if you want to buy shares you should have the entire amount of funds in your cash limit and if you want to sell shares the same should be available in your demat account. For sell positions, your trading limits will be increased immediately with the sell trade value. This will enable you to take further positions in the market.

What is Margin/Intraday trading?

In Margin trading / Intraday trading, if you place a buy order then you will have to place a sell order or vice versa same day i.e. in same settlement cycle.

When do you release the margins blocked on margin positions?

When the margin position is closed out (either by squaring off or converting to delivery), the proportionate margin blocked on the position so squared off is released back and added to the limits.

Can I place After Market Order (AMO)?

Yes, clients can place AMO orders by calling on trading terminal numbers provided by us.

Can I cancel / modify order?

Yes, you can modify or cancel an order any time before execution. You can do this by calling us on dedicated numbers provided by us to you.

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