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Avail the twofold benefits of Trading and Depository services under one single umbrella and experience Efficient, Risk-Free and Prompt Depository .

Concept is registered as a Depository Participant with CDSL. We are also a member of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE), National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the leading Commodity Exchange in the country–MCX.

Why Demat Account With Concept?

Broking And DP
Services At Single Place
With Auto Pay In Facilities
No Need To Execute The
Delivery Instruction Slips
Access Information
Anytime, Anywhere
Quarterly Demat
Statements With Valuation
On Demand
View Demat A/C
Statement Online
Competitive Transaction


(A) Convenient to Investor :


The entire database of investors is stored centrally at CDSL. If there is any system-related issues at DPs end, the investor is not affected, as the entire data is available at CDSL.

(B) Contingency Arrangements :


CDSL has made provisions for contingency terminals, which enables a DP to update transactions, in case of any system related problems at the DP's office.


  • Computer Systems: All data held at CDSL is automatically mirrored at the Disaster Recovery site and is also backed up and stored in fireproof cabinets at the main and disaster recovery site.
  • Claims on DP: If any DP of CDSL goes into liquidation, the creditors of the DP will have no access to the holdings of the BO.
  • Insurance Cover: CDSL has an insurance cover in the unlikely event of loss to a Investors due to the negligence of CDSL or its DPs.

Other Benefits

  • No risk of loss, wrong transfer, mutilation or theft of share certificates
  • Hassle free automated pay-in of your sell obligation with no need for physical instruction
  • Reduced paper work
  • Speedy settlement process resulting in increased liquidity of your securities
  • Instant disbursement of non-cash benefits like Bonus and Rights
  • Efficient pledge mechanism
  • No charges for extra Transaction statement and Holding statement
  • Combined monthly 'Bill-cum-Transaction-cum-Holding-cum-Ledger' statement of your investments

Charges for Depository Service

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Membership No.: BSE - 919 , NSE - 12035 MCX - 28950 , DP-CDSL 12044000 
SEBI Registration No. : DP-CDSL - IN-DP-177-2015, PMS - INP 000003013 
PMS Investwell :INP000006323
SEBI Single Registration Certificate BSE/NSE/MCX- CM/FO/CDS/Commodity Derivatives :INZ000168736
SEBI Research Analyst Registration :INH000002715
Concept Commodities Pvt Ltd SEBI Registration :INZ000012234